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Outlaw Ministries at Brushy Creek Ranch has become a ministry like no other! One year ago, there were no vacancies on Easter weekend filled with guests that had traveled from all parts of the south. We had planned to hold a church service for those who were interested and it came a downpour. We tossed around the idea of cancelling the service due to it needing to be outside under the pavilion. The chances of everyone getting soaked was very high. Something struck a chord with us and we quickly looked around at how blessed we were to have this beautiful piece of property to share with some really great people. As Christians, we knew our God was not a fair-weather God. At that moment, we knew we could not be fair-weather Christians. We packed everyone in a small bunkhouse, cranked up some gospel music and we had church. One year later, we are building a chapel! Once we began with the thought, we had no budget, no building plans, very limited help…..but a lot of faith. We prayed over this building project and materials began to be donated left and right. Businesses were donating rough cut lumber, others donating screws, nails, etc. We have been blessed to have the men of the church band together and work on it as often as possible.

Outlaw Ministries focuses on truth. For so many years, we have been taught to think what others tell us to think. Rarely do we read the Bible for ourselves and figure out what it’s really saying. The first year of Cowboy Church was primarily focused on teaching the true personality of Jesus Christ. Often times, many people have a misconstrued image of our savior. As we study the Bible, we see the true and raw personality of Him and his disciples. As our church learns about these heroes, it enhances our faith and the ability to teach others that may be struggling with a life full of ups and downs. We learn that the disciples were just as common as we are.

Our mission at Outlaw Ministries is to, first and foremost, teach people about the gospel and take as many as we can to Heaven. A part of our desire is to study with people individually. We host a Bible study every Wednesday evening at the ranch. We eat together at 6:30pm and begin Bible study at 7pm. During this time of study, we choose one book of the Bible and read through every verse. As we read through the verses, we dissect each one so that we all know exactly what it means. There is a lot of history in the Bible and when you have people guiding your study that implements the history and true personality of Jesus makes it so fun to read! Have you ever read the Bible and laughed? We do on a weekly basis! We are seeing Jesus’ humor shine through many of these stories.

We want to invite you to join us on any Sunday morning at 9am. When you drive down into the ranch, don’t be alarmed if you hear some Chris Stapleton, Hank Williams, or George Jones blaring through the forest. We play some great country music early on Sundays to get our guests moving and to invite them on over. We also fellowship with one another over coffee, homemade biscuits & gravy. As the service begins, Sam & Paula Horn, and Robbie Bass lead us in worship. They sing a variety of country gospel songs that really make you feel right at home in a Cowboy Church service. Chris Kimball follows them by bringing a message every Sunday that leaves you wanting more!

Please join us any Sunday! Come as you are. Truth of the matter is, we are all the same!